Space Race

Develop your space agency, start the engine, and conquer the universe!

Space Race
Space Race

Space Race

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Number of Players

1–5 players

Playing Time

45–90 min


14+ years

The day when nations start a new war over the universe is approaching. The technological boundaries will be pushed further than humanity has ever imagined. Will you be watching the screen as the milestones are achieved, or will you be the one to conquer them?

Space Race is a unique engine-building strategy game, in which you become a director of a newly formed Space Agency, and your mission is simple: lead your country onto the pages of history as the nation that has conquered the Universe!

Hire astronauts and scientists in order to dominate the universe, develop new technologies and projects, initiate space programs, and celebrate astonishing breakthroughs. Every game will present different opportunities and only your decisions, not randomness, will determine how they will play out. Enjoy the perfect harmony of immersive gameplay and outsmart your opponents!

Choose one of the missions to venture on – each will present you with a set of challenges that will shape your gameplay experience. Each round, you will be evaluated based on your agency development, your participation in government projects, and your achieved breakthroughs. After seven rounds, one of the players will be declared the ultimate director.

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Space Race: Cold War

Space Race: Cold War is an expansion that brings the two most legendary rockets from the Cold War era. The Clash between the Soviet Union and the United States. The powerful N-1 and the mighty Saturn V.


Outsmart Your Opponents

Each game presents you with entirely new combos to exploit, and it’s the players who decide what’s possible to achieve! The universe is a shared space, so use what you can to outplay other directors.

Amazing Production

Take reins of one of the iconic rockets that are brought to life by Space Race – Falcon Heavy, or Soyuz? The choice is yours. The custom-made insert can house all the game components, even sleeved cards! And each faction has their own unique screen-printed astronauts.

Enhanced Gameplay

Space Race reinvents the card game by bringing in new enhanced and streamlined gameplay with area-control like mechanics, projects that all players can participate in, and variable player powers for each faction. Every move matters, so pick your Control cards wisely!

How To Play

Listen here, director. It’s up to you to choose which way the Agency will progress, so prepare wisely. If you still haven’t read your mission briefing, then continue to colonel Branislav. He’ll tell you all that you need to know for this mission. I wish you the best, director. Godspeed!


Jan Soukal, Martin Řehořík, Michal Mikeš
Marek Loskot
Pavel Richter
Dalibor Krch, Radoslav Javor, Michael Petrus, Michal Rumlena
Zak Eisdvoog
Juan Hernández


1 Game Board
1 Rulebook
162 Space Race cards
80 Control cards (16 per Faction)
21 Mission tiles (3 missions each of 7 tokens)
20 Projects (4 different categories)
5 Faction Headquarters (1 per Faction) with help card on the back
5 Rocket miniatures (1 per Faction) with colored snap bases
75 Astronauts (15 per Faction)