Project L: Square One

Square One is a fast-paced, time-based, engine-building game for 1-4 players.

Project L: Square One
Project L: Square One

Project L: Square One

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Number of Players

1-4 players

Playing Time




Square One is a fast-paced, engine-building strategy game for 1-4 players. Just like its predecessor, its easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master mechanics offer high replayability for the whole family. Complete sequences with beautifully designed tactile pieces and unleash satisfying combos in a game that’s more than just a sequel — it’s a whole new challenge. 

Play Square One on Table Top Simulator!

Project L: Square One is available to play on Table Top Simulator! 

Square One on TTS!


Game Design
Jan Soukal, Patrik Chleboun
Art Direction
Marek Loskot
Graphic Design
Pavel Richter