Space Race: The Card Game – Interkosmos

A new chapter in space race exploration is at your hands

Space Race: The Card Game – Interkosmos
Space Race: The Card Game – Interkosmos

Space Race: The Card Game – Interkosmos

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Number of Players

1–5 players

Playing Time

30–90 min


14+ years

As the China National Space Administration enters the field of space development efforts, other factions are trembling. In just a short time they achieved many things which others have not. Do you have what it takes to face them?

A new chapter in space exploration begins with the arrival of the expansion for Space Race: The Card Game, Interkosmos.

The China National Space Administration joins the competition to build the most developed space agency and claim fundamental space race achievements. In Space Race: The Card Game – Interkosmos, you can encounter Taikonauts (including Yang Liwei), launch Project 863, build Xichang Satellite Launch Center, or initiate the Heavenly Palace space program.

Interkosmos brings in additional frontiers to cross in the form of Achievements – this is a new card type which you can claim during your turn!



Would you like to spice up your Space Race a bit? Then Scenarios are here for you! Adding more historical context to the gameplay and altering game mechanics to bring a different gameplay experience that reaches beyond the original Space Race universe.

5th Player

The Chinese space agency joins the Space Race! A set of cards necessary to play a full-scale 5-player game, including a bunch of new mechanics specially designed with focus on brand-new Control Cards management strategies.


A completely new card type enters the game. Achievements bring a completely new way of acquiring points and to outsmarting your competition. This one is not to be missed!

How To Play

Listen here, director. It’s up to you to choose which way the Agency will progress, so prepare wisely. What’s that? You haven’t read the mission briefing, yet? Sigh… Well, head straight to Rahdo to watch the playthrough of Space Race: The Card Game – Interkosmos, that will get you all caught up!



Game Design
Jan Soukal, Michal Mikeš
Art Direction
Marek Loskot
Dalibor Krch
Zak Eisdvoog


12 Control Cards
64 Space Race Cards
16 Achievement Cards
1 Book of Scenarios
1 Hall of Fame Sheet