Project L: Ghost Piece

More puzzles and bigger pieces to make your brain burn even more!

Project L: Ghost Piece
Project L: Ghost Piece

Project L: Ghost Piece

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Number of Players

1–5 players

Playing Time

20–40 min


14+ years

Larger level-5 pieces will help you complete even the most intricate puzzles!

Project L is back and stronger with the Ghost Piece expansion! This expansion introduces new puzzles and new pieces.

Over 20 new puzzles will guarantee you that each game will feel even more unique! The puzzles also come with some new types of rewards – instant level up and level-5 pieces.

Strengthen your pool of choices with the larger level-5 pieces, because not only you can place these pieces normally into the puzzles, you also gain access to the new Ghost action!

Check our unboxing video to see what's inside this expansion!


New Components

Altogether this expansion introduces 24 new puzzles! This will make sure that every game you play will be unique. Completing these new puzzles will grant you the powerful level-5 pieces.

Extra Player

Are you looking for a +1 for your game night? No worries! The Ghost Piece expansion allows you to add an extra player to your table and enjoy the Line Clear variant.

New Strategies

Expanding the pool of puzzles brings a breath of fresh air to your strategy everytime you play. In addition, you have to carefully choose what you do with the level-5 pieces – will you use them normally, or will you exploit the powerful Ghost action?


Game Design
Jan Soukal, Michal Mikeš
Art Direction
Marek Loskot
Graphic Design
Pavel Richter
Product Design
Jaroslav Jurica
Rulebook Editin
Paul Grogan, Gaming Rules! team


12 White Puzzles
12 Black Puzzles
30 Pieces (10x each of the 3 different shapes)
1 Player Mat