Project L: Finesse Ambassador Pack

Enhance your Project L experience with goals that test your finesse!

Project L: Finesse Ambassador Pack
Project L: Finesse Ambassador Pack

Project L: Finesse Ambassador Pack

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Number of Players

1–4 players

Playing Time

20–40 min


14+ years

Already done all the finesses? Here is a whole new array of them with advanced gameplay mechanics!

Expand your collection of the Finesse tiles. This expansion introduces new advanced mechanics to the finesses that will test your engine!

Play Project L: Finesse on Tabletopia!

Project L is available to play on Tabletopia! You can just jump in and start playing immediately. Also, don’t forget to try out the newest expansion, the Finesse!

Let's Play!


New Set of Finesses

Want to enlarge your collection of Finesse tiles? This is the expansion for you! Add these 10 new Finesse tiles into your mix and let’s play.

Advanced Mechanics

Are you ready to face a new challenge? New Finesses will test you at all times, so be wary of your supply of pieces!

How to Play

Achieve any of the finesses to gain credits. Spend credits to gain new actions. Simple, isn’t it? Check the awesome playthrough of Paul Grogan by Gaming Rules if you need a head start!


Game Design
Jan Soukal, Martin Řehořík
Art Direction
Marek Loskot
Graphic Design
Pavel Richter
Rulebook Editing
Paul Grogan, Gaming Rules! team


10 Finesse Tiles