Project L: Ambassador Pack

Unleash the Ambassador action

Project L: Ambassador Pack
Project L: Ambassador Pack

Project L: Ambassador Pack

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Number of Players

1–4 players

Playing Time

20–40 min


14+ years

New action is at your hand – the Ambassador action! Claim the new puzzles in order to use it.

The Ambassador action allows you to do an additional Master action during your turn. Plan wisely! You have only one chance to use it


New Puzzles

Add some new puzzles into your game to spice it up. But these puzzles are not just normal puzzles – they give you a new special reward!

New Action At Your Disposal

Completed an Ambassador puzzle? Awesome! Now you can use the new Ambassador action during your turn. This will allow you to to an extra Master action. But beware, you can only do this once per each Ambassador puzzle you complete.

Fancy First-Player Coin

Expand your collection of metal coins by this one. You can either use this one as a first-player marker or try to play some arcade games!


Game Design
Jan Soukal, Michal Mikeš
Art Direction
Marek Loskot
Graphic Design
Pavel Richter
Product Design
Jaroslav Jurica
Rulebook Editing
Paul Grogan, Gaming Rules! team


1 White Puzzle
2 Black Puzzles
Ambassador Coin First Player Marker