Square One | Inside The Box


A couple of weeks ago we did a poll — What do you love about Project L in three words? We got around 700 replies, which we are extremely thankful for! It seems like a small thing, but it helped us a ton. 

Among the frequently mentioned words, such as fun and simplicity, were also tactility and quality. We are proud to say that you will find those in Square One. And as you can see, we didn’t drop out any features (or pieces!)

So let’s take a look at the crispy sequences and candy-like pieces you can expect inside your box!

Sequences Are The New Puzzles

When building Square One’s sequences, we wanted to built upon the well-tested parts of Project L’s puzzles. 

You can expect the same high-quality black core five-layer sandwich, with rounded edges to minimize wear and tear. 

Another similarity lies in the recessed rows, which allows the pieces to easily fall in their place. 

The way Square One is played, allowed us to take it up a notch, and make the design even more functional — The cards are open on the side, meaning you can sweep the pieces out as easily as you put them in.

While designing the face of Square One’s sequences, we opted for vibrant UV printing. This achieves beautifully saturated colors and clear readability of the row requirements and rewards. It also allowed us to integrate seemingly invisible markings into each sequence without disrupting the looks. 

Pieces You Want To Bite

The tactility and playfulness of the pieces is a widely enjoyed part of theProject L Universe. And as its new chapter, Square One follows suit, by retaining the same materials and vibrant colors of the original pieces. 

The looks and the feel are not everything though. We spent hours obsessively moving around different shapes and sizes of the pieces. Looking for the perfect one that is not too low so your fingers scrub the tiles when placing them in, not too sharp or too big and clunky. 

Ultimately, we landed on these pretty rounded cubes that strikingly look like candy (they are not edible, unfortunately). 

See You Next Week

This marks the end of today’s post, thank you for being here with us. Next week we will start a Gleam contest, in which you will have a chance to get yourself a free copy of Square One! 

Square One’s pre-launch page on Kickstarter is already at more than 3500 followers! So if you haven’t already, we would appreciate, if you gave us a follow and shared the page with your friends. It helps a lot!

Give us a hug!