Square One | How To Play

Gameplay introduction

Hello everyone 

The new chapter in the Project L Universe — Square One, is coming to Kickstarter in less than a month. We are excited to bring you more information about it!

Last week, we received the factory prototypes of Square One, and as we promised, today we are introducing Square One in a more intimate way.

Square One ⚔️ Project L Comparison

Square One follows the suit of Project L and its simple gameplay with a variety of strategic options. In essence — you use a set of actions to complete sequences, which gets you rewards (pieces or victory points). 

Compared to its predecessor, Square One brings a new challenge — Time. The game does not focus on completing the most complex puzzles for the most points. Instead, you have to synchronize your moves to finish multiple sequences at once, as often as you can

You basically build your own puzzle out of the sequences you take. And your job is to figure out not where to put your pieces, but when. 

Completing one sequence at a time still gets you rewards, but finishing 2 or more sequences at once sets off a combo resulting in bonus points!

Combos are a new, exciting part of Square One. When you complete more than one sequence with your master action, you set off a combo chain. Which scales your reward up to 4 extra points depending on the number of sequences you finish beyond the first one.

Do You Have TTS? Try Square One For Yourself!

We did many play-tests during the months of development of Square One, and now we would love to do one with you!

Since doing a live play test with people all over the world is impossible, we did the next best thing and created the Tabletop Simulator version of Square One! 

Bear in mind that this is not a 100% representation of the game, and the included rulebook is in its technical version. But we believe that it’s in a good enough state, for you to get the taste of Square One.

So if you have TTS and would like to try the virtual version of Square One, we would appreciate any feedback! It will help us bring this game to perfection

We will be sharing the TTS link over at our Discord in the announcement channel. 

See You Next Week!

That brings us to the end of today’s newsletter. For the next week, you can look forward to a close look at the building blocks of board games: the Square One’s components.

Square One’s pre-launch page on Kickstarter is already at more than 3000 followers! So if you haven’t already, we would appreciate it if you would sign up for “Notify me on launch” it means a lot to us!

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