Project L spin-off playtest

Join us for Playtesting and Fun!

We’ve recently showcased our Project L spin-off prototype at BRNO16 and are excited to be a part of Brnohraní, where you can try our up and coming games, including the Project L spin-off and the Posers party game.


Brnohraní is an event organized by board game fans for all those who want to try a board or card game. The event will take place from 3rd to 5th November 2023 at the Leisure Centre in Lužánky in Brno.

We will be there the whole weekend and you will be able to find us in the prototype room which is part of Brnohraní for the very first time, and give us your feedback for our up and coming board games. Which of our prototypes will you be able to try out? The spin-off project L and the brand new party game Posers.

Each player will receive a Project L collectible coin and the winner of each game will take home an original Boardcubator t-shirt – so come play.

Project L spin-off: A new take on the successful Project L. A fast paced abstract game in which you solve logical puzzles.

Posers: A party game where you and your friends are tasked with becoming master impersonators. Players receive a shared keyword, “the Pose,” and take turns striking comical poses to match it. However, one of you is missing “the Pose”. Can you tell who’s bluffing?

Come to meet and play with us!

Board games at BRNO16

Recently we have been part of BRNO16 festivals where you had the opportunity to try our Project L spin-off prototype. The atmosphere in the Art cinema was great, and we managed to play two game sessions. The game has been played by both players who already have Project L at home and those who don’t know it at all. We got a lot of valuable feedback which we will implement and improve the game further together with the feedback we will get at Brnohraní.

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