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Project L: Healing & Education through Board Games. Share your story & win!

Dear Boardcubator fans,

Every board game has a tale to tell, and often, it’s the stories that extend beyond the tabletop that resonate deeply with us. In this edition, we’re unveiling stories of healing through play and the enlightening intersection of board games and education, all brought together by the charm of Project L.

Here’s a brief overview of this newsletter:

  • John’s Journey – The role of Project L in trauma care.
  • Aaron’s Insight – Melding mathematics and board games: Project L’s influence in college math courses.
  • Community contribution – A chance to win or contribute 10 all-in Project L versions by sharing your unforgettable board game experiences.

John’s Story: The Healing Power of Board Games

In my journey as a board game studio owner, few letters have touched me as profoundly as the one I received from John, a dedicated staff member at a teen residential facility. John shared, “Our goal is to provide trauma informed care for these youth as they have serious emotional or behavioral issues… Board games are such an easy way to break down barriers and start conversations in a relaxing way.” Among the myriad of games at the facility, Project L, found its place. Not just as a game, but as a beacon of connection. John elaborated, “I knew early on that Project L would be a great choice to introduce to the kids… The kids understood the game without modifying anything! It always brings me joy to hear a kid call their parents and describe to them the amazing board game that they just played.”

But what resonated most profoundly is the tangible impact of our shared love for board games. One particular child, now being fostered by John and his spouse, started their journey of connection over a shared game of Project L and a promise of ice-cream. It’s more than just a game; it’s an avenue to heal, connect, and rebuild.

Delve deeper into John’s heartfelt letter here.

Aaron’s Story: Mathematics Meets Board Gaming

In a recent letter I received, Aaron, a college mathematics professor, penned a touching testament to the unexpectedly profound influence of Project L. He wrote, “For the past few years, I have been teaching college classes for math majors to make students aware of how the mathematical topics they are learning can be found in “every day” activities, like tabletop games.” The game wasn’t just for fun; it provided a tangible bridge between theory and application.

Aaron used Project L to explore counting polyominoes, the very tiles we use in the game. He challenged his students with determining how many polyominoes of a certain size are possible. But beyond this, Project L led students to delve into deeper topics like equivalence, Group Theory, packing problems, and even abstract concepts such as partial orders in rewards. “I have enjoyed introducing Project L to my students,” Aaron concluded, “as it is a very enjoyable game that touches on many mathematical topics.”

For the math enthusiasts among you, dive into Aaron’s full letter here.

Your Turn: Share Your Stories and win All-in bundles!

Each board game, like Project L, can be a vessel of transformation, hope, and community. We’re seeking your heartwarming tales of how board games have made a difference, healed wounds, or bridged divides. In gratitude for your shared narratives, The authors of the 5 most compelling stories will be gifted 10 All-in bundles of Project L. One is for you, and the other is to be sent to a place where its impact would be deeply meaningful. And if you feel the call, you can choose to generously donate both bundles, extending the joy and healing power of board games even further.

Your story could inspire countless others, reinforcing the beautiful truth: games have the power to change lives. Share your moments with us by November 1st to stories@boardcubator.com and become a cherished part of the Boardcubator’s growing community narrative.

Let’s continue to share, play, and inspire together.

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