Exclusive First Look: Project L spin-off 👀

Welcome to The New Year!

Hello everyone!  

Happy New Year! We are so glad you kept supporting us all the way through 2023. We are looking forward to what 2024 will bring. There are a LOT of things happening behind the scenes and today we would like to show you a window into it!

In today’s post:

  • We finally uncover a bit about the Project L spin-off (name reveal coming soon!)
  • Help us get Project L into the top 10 on BGG! 
  • We show you a tiny teaser of the new party game cooking up in the background!
  • Introduce a way to compete with Project L players from all around the world or over at our Discord server!

Project L Spin-off

As we mentioned previously, we are currently knee-deep in the works on a new version of Project L. 

We can safely say that the game delivers a fresh experience and strategic approach. While the original game was built on spatial imagination, this iteration concentrates more on timing and achieving combos while resolving puzzles. The essential mechanics have been retained, ensuring it stands as a legitimate heir to the original. 

Here is a little background peek into the development 👀

Prototype and mockups

Soon enough we should have prototypes of the game in hand to truly test the full experience. Meanwhile, we’ve created a suitable mockup that you can see in the picture above. The design has gone through a couple of iterations and it wasn’t easy, but we think we nailed the perfect combination of function and sleek look that is so typical for the Project L bloodline. 

Materials and Design

During the design process, we wanted to create something special while ensuring the quality you are used to. Don’t reinvent the wheel is a common phrase here at Boardcubator, so we decided to go with very similar materials from Project L while taking it a step further. 

We built the sequence sandwich with open cutouts, which in itself is a technological masterpiece. But it also means you can comfortably slide the pieces in, to complete the sequence, and more importantly – You can easily swipe them out without picking the card up.

This prompted a debate around the office if you like to dump the tokens out of the sequence or sweep them.

So…Are you a sweeper or a dumper? 

UX and Gameplay 

We’ve run a ton of internal tests and everyone at the office loves the game. But don’t take our word for it! We also managed to organize many community events and the feedback was more than positive! 

The latest one was at our local board game shop on Tuesday the 16th of January and we got the chance to play the game in the almost final version!

We mainly wanted to get answers to these questions:

    • Does the game feel too long or too short? 
  • The game time was perfect. (~40 mins per game; depending on the number of players)
  • Is the game different enough from the original? 
  • Yes! It made me focus more and take a different approach to the strategy
  • Would you play the game again? 
  • 100% – > YES! 

Besides that they also said that: 

  • The new combo mechanic is really fun to play and completing 4x combo is extremely satisfying 
  • The game goes by fast without any stale moments 
  • And one of them said he hates Tetris-like games… well he stayed till the end and played until it was possible. We think that speaks for itself. 🙂 


We can’t reveal the name just yet. There are two strong contenders that we are still deciding between. 

One of them is more playful while the other follows the clean and minimalistic style of its predecessors.

Which one do you prefer? Let us know over at our Discord server 🙂 

Don’t neglect your firstborns!

The spin-off is the hot talk right now. It’s something new and fresh, but since most of our office are parents we know that we have to pay attention to all of our children.

Our beloved firstborn is currently sitting at the 12th rank of Abstract games at BGG. 

Help us get him to the top 10! Click here and rate it if you haven’t already!

Discord update!

Guess what? We’ve just leveled up our Discord server with an awesome new addition! Introducing our latest bot, designed to track the highest scores in the various iterations of Project L.

If you aren’t a part of our discord community already, join us and compete with fellow players from all around the world! 


Project P is on the horizon 🙈🙉🙊

The final game design of the spin-off had no time to cooldown and we are already working on a new game! 

Project P is a party game with a lot of acting, laughing, and finger-pointing. We’ve had a chance to playtest it with a couple of boardgame veterans and I think the smiles speak for themselves.

Stay tuned – we’re excited to share these laughs and create memorable moments with you very soon! 


Keep playing and take care!

Give us a hug!