Boardcubator rises from the ashes

Thanks to your support!

Dear Ambassadors,

We’ve got some exciting news to share!
Last week, the Kickstarter campaign for Project L successfully finished, bringing an end to a very challenging period of uncertainty for us. Thanks to you, Boardcubator can now start planning again.

You guys are the best!

These “thank you” updates are always a bit cliché and don’t contain much content. But this one is different, at least for us. Our gratitude towards you has currently taken on much greater dimensions than just helping us release another game.

Thanks to you, we have managed to rise from the ashes. It’s not rocket science to see why the expansion was named Phoenix 🙂 Originally, the whole campaign was named that way. But unfortunately, emotions don’t play a big role in marketing in this millennium, so we had to switch to more conventional Project L Reprint + New Expansion. It may not have been the catchiest name, but it got the job done!

Before the launch of all our crowdfunding campaigns, we usually have a team-building moment: each of us secretly writes down how many backers we expect at the end of the campaign. This time, Sisi won! And for the first time ever, the person who wrote the highest number of backers was the winner. This goes to show that your immense support really surprised us. All that’s left to say is,


And because we’ve reached the limit of clichéd letters for this year, we’re glad we can return to what we love most: developing board games for the community. Soon, we’ll take you back to the Boardcubator kitchen and show you what we’re working on. Besides Project L post-campaign production & deliveries, we also have two games in development that we can now fully dedicate ourselves to.

So, thanks again for helping us get back on our feet. We couldn’t have done it without you. Keep an eye out for updates from us in the near future!

Stay awesome, and stay with us!
Jan, Marek, Sisi, Patrik, and all the pieces of Boardcubator

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