Boardcubator is alive!

Let's bring our pieces home

The stories written by life are often as dramatic as the ones in the game. One such thing happened to us, the Boardcubator studio. This is a story of life choices, bad and even worse decisions, with everyone involved including the games themselves.

But there’s a happy ending as Project L returns to Kickstarter on 4th April! A new expansion of new puzzles awaits you. It’s a unique opportunity to get everything that has been released for the game so far in one place, including the master box and all the expansions. And of course there will be something extra for our ambassadors.

A mistake, an end, runaways and a story that never ends

The less cheerful part is the fact that, as some of you know, last autumn our studio had to end the campaign for Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game, a game we’d been working on for over two years. Two years of investment, the write-off of which sent us into a state of clinical death. We had to close our studio, at least for a while.

But when we counted the damage and looked around after the first shock, good things started to happen. Karma was on our side. The fans first bought the Project L stock, originally intended for the Essen fair, which was delivered late by ship, and now we are in serious discussions about the future of Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game with potential strategic partners.

Our rectangular family is in pieces. Let’s finalise your Project L collection and bring the pieces home!

But in the meantime our own colourful creation, our rectangular children, just could not stand our misery, they packed their bags and left to get some new angles behind new corners and whatnot. And to be honest it did not go well. Our pieces, well, they just do not fit into the real world that nicely. So we have a situation on our hands and we need your help.

Btw check what just dropped! Can you believe it?

Take care!
Jan, Marek, Sisi, Patrik, and the remaining pieces of Boardcubator

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