Ambassador Program

Nothing warms our hearts as much as our loyal & enthusiastic supporters. As a show of gratitude, we’ve been creating additional content to our Ambassadors on a per-campaign basis, free of charge.

To check if you are one of our Ambassadors, just put your e-mail into the box below! The confirmation e-mail can take up to 10 minutes to get delivered. Please wait for a bit before trying again. 

Upcoming Ambassador reward: 

Already Delivered To Ambassadors:

How to Become a Boardcubator Ambassador

  • Back any of our crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Or subscribe to our Ambassador newsletter.

How to obtain your Ambassador reward?

  • Look up any of our ongoing campaigns and the corresponding Ambassador reward.
  • Make sure you’ve become a Boardcubator Ambassador at the latest at the moment that the campaign was launched (that means you’re okay if you subscribed to the newsletter just a second before the campaign started).
  • If you like the campaign, back it.
  • You’re going to receive your ambassador reward automatically, along with the content that comes with your pledge.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page:

  • To become an Ambassador, you need to pick one of the offered pledge levels (the “$1” pledge doesn’t count, unless said otherwise)
  • You need to use a single email address for pledging, subscription, etc. for us to be able to recognize your Ambassadorship. In other words, we use the email address to identify ambassadors.
  • Please note that backing an unsuccessful campaign doesn’t qualify as an Ambassadorship. However, you can keep your Ambassadorship by subscribing to our Ambassador Newsletter (until you unsubscribe).
  • Unless said otherwise, each Ambassador is eligible for one Ambassador reward per campaign.
  • Although we will do our best to deliver the free rewards, development can be overpowering sometimes; thus we reserve the right to partially or fully change the program at our discretion.